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Jill Bradley

Born in Yorkshire, in 1944 but moved to Ireland in 1994 and settled in Glengarriff where she began her formal painting career.  She studied under the direction of local artist Sheila Murphy and became very quickly absorbed and inspired by the natural beauty of her adopted home.

" In my work I try to capture the ever-changing moods and scenes caused by the mist as it caresses the mountains and valleys of the region.  The mist, like a blanket, softens the rugged rock formations that rise from this ancient land and brings inflections to the contrasting colours from pale greys to rich rusts to lush greens".

Her work is held in collections here in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Hungry Hill Gallery at Adrigole Arts is delighted to represent her work here in Ireland.

Caha Pass, Clouds Rolling
Moody Day, Healy Pass
Purple Mist
Shirrock, Trafask, Bantry Bay