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Brian O'Loughlin

Brian works mainly in Bog Oak. This rare wood is sourced mainly in the Midlands, in the Bog of Allen and it's hinterlands. The wood is brought to Brian's store and air dried for a minimum of three years. The wood is in limbo, awaiting rebirth after 5000 years buried under thick carpets of bog. In selecting a piece for work Brian must first sense its inner potential, beyond its haggard, rough, flaky exterior. Sometimes the wood will suggest something to Brian, but primarily he knows what he is looking for and searches for the appropriate piece from his stock. When the rough exterior is removed, the shape below is cut and hand-carved, respecting its natural lines and fissures until the final form emerges. After a repeated process of sanding and polishing the process is complete. There is a synergy between Brian and the Bog Oak, he changes the character quite substantially all the while retaining and enhancing its natural grain, colour and form.
Heron's Perch